Q&A #51: Explaining Disparate Research Interests While Job Searching

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In this episode, I mention the following:

  • Various publications on my CV
    • Linder, K.E.  (2011). “The Fat Memoir as Autopathography: Self-Representations of Embodied Fatness,” a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 26, 2: 219-237.
    • Linder, K.E. (2011). “Spelling Out Racial Difference: Moving Beyond the Inspirational Discourses in Akeelah and the Bee,” Red Feather 2, 2: 18-33. (Reprinted in Fleeting Images: Portrayals of Children in Popular Culture, edited by Debbie Olson & Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic. Lexington Press, 2012: 207-224.)
    • Linder, K.E.  (2011). “Global Competition in a ‘Flat’ World: A Foucauldian Analysis of the Neoliberal Mentalities of 2 Million Minutes,” Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education 32, 3: 443-456.
    • Linder, K.E. (2012). “Creating Space for Adjunct Faculty: The Multiple Roles of Centers for Teaching and Learning,” Journal for Centers of Teaching and Learning, 4: 33-59.
    • Linder, K.E. & Klaf, S. (2013). “Faculty Development Scholarship: An Analysis of To Improve the Academy, 1982-2011,” To Improve the Academy, Vol. 32: 163-182.
    • Linder, K.E., Cooper, F.R., McKenzie, E.M., Raesch, M. & Reeve, P.A. (2014). “Intentional Teaching, Intentional Scholarship:  Applying Backward Design Principles in a Faculty Writing Group” Innovative Higher Education, 39, 3: 217-229.

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