Episode 46: Organizing Editing Collections

Transcript (.docx)

In this episode I mention:

  • edited collections I’ve published:
    • Rohdieck, S. & Linder, K.E., Eds. (2014). Graduate Student Teaching Awards. Studies in Graduate and Professional Student Development, Vol. 15.  New Forums Press, Inc., Stillwater, OK.
    • Linder, K.E., Ed. (2017). Hybrid Teaching and Learning, New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Vol. 149.
  • edited collections I’m currently working on:
    • Linder, K.E., Ed. (2018). The Business of innovating online: Practical tips and advice from e-learning leaders. Sterling, VA: Stylus.
    • Linder, K.E. & Mattison Hayes, C., Eds. (2018). High impact practices in online education: Research and best practices. Sterling, VA: Stylus.

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